Taking a Break.

People. Things be crazy up in here.

No, but really: It’s been a little busy. I’m not successfully keeping up with all that needs to be done here. I mean literally “here” on my blog but also “here” in my home and with my family. This is not AT ALL meant to be a complaint: I blessed beyond what I deserve to be. I have a great family, wonderful friends, and an exciting new business opportunity. But none of this really has to do with my blog, unfortunately.

You reading my blog makes me so happy – I appreciate the fact that I have people who read what I put out on the interwebs more than you know. But. My relationship with my blog is very one-sided. I don’t make any money from my blog. I don’t know how to use my blog to help me grow as a writer or as a person. So, although I love writing and would do it all day if I could, I can’t. Which means I’ll be taking a little break.

On my “break” I will be focusing on getting my business up and running, but also ways to improve and grow my blog, because – I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but – I really don’t know what I’m doing here. A love of writing only gets you so far. And right now that’s not far enough.

I probably will still post every now and then, but it may be a while before I am back to twice-a-week blogging. (Unless you’d like to buy ad space on my blog – that would move it up on the priority list. Winky face.)

Just so there’s no confusion, it’s OK with me if you read other blogs while we are on a break. I’m not going to give you crap about it later on or anything. Sometimes these things need to be stated IN ADVANCE.


  1. Best of luck on your new business venture. I’ll miss your blogs…and Armando’s comments on them 🙂 Love you, Tanya