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So anyway… What was I saying?

I noticed this morning that I have so many unfinished blog posts just waiting for my attention and I thought, “How appropriate – It’s just like every conversation I have in real life.”

I don’t know about you, but as a mother of small children whose friends are also mostly mothers with small children, I never finish a conversation. Sometime I can’t even finish a sentence. This phenomenon is most prevalent when my children are present, but it seems to also occur when my friends and I are without our children. Why? Because we all have so much to say to other adults that we want to make sure we get it all out before we have to return to our regularly interrupted activities.

But she looks so innocent and harmless…

Now, I’m not blaming my children for my inability to stay focused, but – yes I am. I am totally doing that. I must say that we are actively working on teaching them to not interrupt, but I may lose my mind before they grasp the concept. Even if they are not trying to interrupt, inevitably they will get themselves involved with something that needs my attention. (Like opening all the drawers on the rolling storage bin so it falls over or constantly asking “What should I draw?” or “Is my Fresh Beat Band shirt clean??“)

Serenity now… 

I am pretty patient. But it really wears me out having to constantly shift my attention. My goal is to one day have an uninterrupted train of thought.

It’s good to have goals.