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Style Points: Look Good, Feel Better.

Way back when I was sick and hairless (side note: “Sick & Hairless” is a great underground punk rock band name), I was invited to participate in an event with the “Look Good… Feel Better” program. A few other cancer-patients-in-treatment and I were given make up tips, free make up, and offered free wig styling. (Because, like your own hair, it looks better if it’s cut and styled. I’m here to teach. You’re welcome.) Maybe we did more than that, but it was like 22 years ago, so forgive me for forgetting some of the details.

The mission of this organization is to address some of the side affects of cancer treatment that involve the patient’s appearance. I was the youngest one there and pretty new to hair and make up tips anyway (I was 15), but the other women were older so I am sure they benefitted a little more than I did. But I did meet someone who hooked me up with a super cool wig. (Well. It was super cool then.)

Wig #1 – I think this was the only time I wore it.

Wig #2 – Yes, I put this hair on my head on purpose.

You don’t have to go through chemotherapy and/or radiation to know that cancer treatments are no fun. It’s pretty taxing physically AND mentally and difficult to stay positive, especially when you add that your appearance radically changes in a short period of time. The program was started with the idea that if you look good, you will FEEL better. It is with that idea that I’m starting a new segment on my blog called “Style Points”.

Being treated for cancer is a pretty extreme circumstance. Thankfully most of you reading this have no idea what that’s like (and I hope you never do). But everyday life can really beat you down, too, and I believe that when you look better, you do feel better. The goal of my “Style Points” will be to share tips and fun things that are pertinent to ladies my age, and to sometimes question current or past trends…

Because that’s how I roll. And because I can’t just give you a glass a wine over the internet to make you feel better. (But I totally would if I could. Winky face.)

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  1. I wish we could have a bottle of wine together tonight. (yes, a BOTTLE…who are we trying to kid?) I miss and love my BBFF. Smiley face and heart.

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