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Olympics, Family, and New Endeavors.

I don’t get in to the Olympics. I really haven’t since like 1984. I don’t dislike them, I just am mostly ambivalent. I need a good human interest piece to get me hooked. I know: I am what’s wrong with America.

I have seen bits and pieces here and there (*ahem* Misty and Kerri) and enjoyed what I’ve seen (hey now) but I still have no idea what is happening or has happened. But because my in-laws were visiting we watched more than usual so my two year old now knows the words “Olympics” and “volleyball”.

She also now knows the disappointment you feel after your visiting family members return home.

The girls had so much fun with their grandparents, even though we just did normal stuff like go out for ice cream and visit the science museum. And watch the Olympics. Which I suppose isn’t entirely normal since they only happen every four years.

It’s not easy living so far from family. We haven’t really figured out how to solve that problem yet. I am envious of my friends and neighbors here who have family to help them out with the kids. I am especially mindful of this little obstacle right now as I am planning the start of my new business endeavor. This transition from “stay at home mom” to “work at home mom” is going to be especially challenging for me as the girls are also beginning new things: My six year old starts a new school and my two year old will start preschool in the next couple weeks.

“To win you need to have the mindset to win,” said Kerri Walsh Jennings to Bob Costas as I was sitting here typing this post. As I watch the replay of their medal ceremony and watch Kerri and Misty May-Treanor singing our national anthem, I think I will heed this Olympic advice.

Damn. Did I just get in to the Olympics?

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  1. Thank you for stopping by Harlem Love Birds! My 2 year old is totally into the “Yimpics” as she calls them. I feel you on the human interest connection. I wish there was more of that. Best wishes with your upcoming transition. I’ll be following along!

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