Does this mean I’m “in” to fashion?

I’m starting to wonder if I am, in fact, in to fashion. Now, I don’t think fashion is a new interest of mine. I’m pretty sure it’s always been there.

An example of my super keen fashion sense.

I actually didn’t even realize how interested I was, but then I started pondering it… aaannd I really started to annoy myself with how much I won’t shut up about it.

I will present my case:

Exhibit A 
I am watching Project Runway as I type this. I am already eliminating designers in my mind as if I know what I’m talking about. Even though the show isn’t as good as it used to be, it’s still exciting to see what all the designers have to offer.

Exhibit B
At Target today I was torn between two pairs of shoes – and I gave my husband a ten minute explanation of why. (And of why I actually need both pairs.)

Number 3
Recently I’ve decided to become an Independent Distributor for Premier Designs Jewelry – even though I’m not someone who has a ton of jewelry. But now that I have these samples, I can’t. leave them. ALONE. I’m like picking out my clothes based on what jewelry I can wear with it.

And Lastly
I judge you by your shoes.

But here’s the thing… 
I’m a mess. I don’t really look like I care about these things.

So, am I IN to fashion? Maybe I am just as interested as anyone else. I don’t know.

Also? That Japanese dude on Project Runway is a trip, y’all. He makes my paper plate hatinator look totally mainstream.


  1. You’re a closet fashionista…