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Cup o’ the Day: TEXAS

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a “Cup o’ the Day” post, but as I had my coffee this morning I felt compelled…

We bought this cup as a gift/souvenir for someone but ended up not giving it to them for some reason. I think. This was during our first stint in Houston, so it served as our own souvenir when we later moved to California. But then… we moved back to Houston. So now it seems like a weird cup to have.

This weekend will mark two and a half years since we moved back to Texas. It may seem like an odd increment of time to note, but for us it’s a milestone because of what comes next.

Beginning in 2002, my husband and I have moved every two and a half years. Not just a change of address, but a total relocation to another state. It has always been for his job and we’ve been open to the “new experience” every time. BUT we also felt like every move was the last one – we were very committed to being where we were when we were there.

Two and a half years ago, my oldest was three and a half and I was six and a half months pregnant with my second daughter. Which is, of course, the optimal time to move your family (which includes two cats) halfway across the country. But as we were settling our affairs in both states, we kept saying, “Hopefully, this is our last move. We think.” After moving so often, and finding reasons to move so often, it was kind of hard to commit right off the bat this time. But after we got here, we quickly changed our tune.

Though we only had three days to find a house that would be ready to move into at our specified time, we did. And it was basically an afterthought – our realtor stopped by the sales office “real quick” just to “make sure” there wasn’t anything (she had already looked). We knew nothing about the neighborhood or the school district, but it was the right house so we just kind of crossed our fingers on the rest. We were familiar with the general area because it was just a few miles from where we used to live, so it was a measured risk. And it worked out just fine. (WAY better than fine, actually.)

We moved in the middle of 2002, the beginning of 2005, the middle of 2007, the beginning of 2010, and now here we are in the middle of 2012 – and? We aren’t moving. We have NO idea how to function in a community as long term residents, but hey, we’ve got to learn sometime.

And apparently, that time is now.

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  1. I feel ya! I’ve never lived in one residence any longer than 7 1/2 years (Greers Ferry 1977-1984.) I have lived in the West Memphis for the longest (12 years.) I don’t know how to act. People ask where I’m from and I still reply GF! Where am I from? Arkansas seems to be my most accurate reply! Congrats on not moving!

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