I’m Going to Need ANOTHER Email Address.

How many email addresses do normal people have on average would you say? One, two, ten? Well, a quick Google search tells me the average is 2 – 5, which means I am about to be… NORMAL?


I have four right now (not counting Facebook). I’m about to add another. I thought surely that would be over the line. SURELY that is in crazy territory right there. SURELY I have a problem.

Nope. Totally normal.

Which is w.r.o.n.g. people. Why do we have so many email addresses? Why is it “normal” to have FIVE email addresses?? This is not OK.

A brief history of my email addresses:

  1. Hotmail: This was the beginning of the free email world. My husband helped me start this account before he was my husband. He has been my husband for a very long time.
  2. Yahoo/Sbcglobal: We started this as our “family” email account when we were for real grown ups and got DSL. This was like… seven years ago? Maybe? 
  3. Gmail (Mine): I started this account when I realized Hotmail sucks.
  4. Gmail (Family): This is kind of new. We started it so we could both use Google Calendar and also because the Yahoo account is really starting to suck.
  5. NEW: This will probably also be a gmail account, but for my business use as I am about to start selling jewelry… (Not going to talk about that here – you need to talk to me offline if you need to know more about that part of my life.) BUT I need help with a catchy email address!
  6. Holy crap, I actually will have SIX accounts, not five. I also have a “candy(at)slightlyovercaffeinated.com” account. Geez.
So with all these email addresses I must be in touch with friends from lifetimes ago and exchange plenty of witty email banter – right? Umm…. NO. It is pretty much all mailing lists. And spam. Which is really kind of the same thing. 
Apparently it takes a blog post (and my own nonetheless) to make me realize some of the ridiculousness in my life. My new mission is to get off all those damn mailing lists! (Well, except Banana Republic and Gap, of course. A girl’s got to know when to get her t-shirts on sale!)
But I need help with my new email problem: I need a catchy and simple email address for my new endeavor.

Ideas please?

I’d like it to contain my first name at least (a friend of mine uses her first name, then “jewelrylady” before the @ part, but she thinks hers is too long AND says people often misspell “jewelry” [PEOPLE!]). And I’d like it to have a word associated with jewelry. But here’s the thing when your first name is “Candy”: when you pair it with words related to jewelry it sounds like a stripper name. Which is not exactly what I was going for.

SO. If you have any suggestions for something that doesn’t sound like a stripper name, I would be grateful. 
Candy Sparkles


  1. I’m thinking candyjewls would be good…LOL

  2. ok, maybe not!! LOL

  3. Candy’s baubles, bejeweled bedazzled and be candy, I kinda like candy sparkles and if the jewelry doesn’t work out it can be your stripper email!