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Featured on BlogHer!

I was thrilled to learn a post I wrote for BlogHer is featured on the BlogHer Entertainment page today! <insert irony here>

Here is a preview for you:

Proposal: A Reality Show For Bloggers.
I feel I should start by stating that I am not a fan of reality TV. Well, except “So You Think You Can Dance” because I LOVE watching the dancers. I would love to be a dancer – they are so strong and graceful and beautiful. I love how they can tell a story with their movements. But I will never be a dancer. Not of their caliber anyway. I am too old and it would take years for me to get in that kind of physical shape. So that ship sailed long (long!) ago.
But as I was catching up with my show on the DVR last night, something one of the dancers said struck me. She was on the show because she wanted to take her dancing “to the next level” and is from a small town without dance opportunities. I could immediately relate because that is exactly what I want to do with my blog.
I’ve been blogging for a little over a year, and during that time I’ve discovered that I really enjoy writing. A long time ago I knew that, but as I pursued other interests and life happened… I forgot. 
I know there are things I can do to encourage my love of writing. I’ll be signing up for an Intro to Creative Writing class (or something similar) soon. Great, right? Time will tell. But that really doesn’t help me with my blog. How do I take THAT to the “next level”?
What does it even mean to take my blog to the next level? What is the next level? I really don’t know. So I am left to imagine what that next level is: in today’s society it truly is a reality TV show.

Picture it: …

Read the rest here. Enjoy!