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Even IF the Shoe Fits – Choose Wisely…

I have a love for shoes. I always have to some degree. (I say love,  you say obsession… let’s just agree that you are being unnecessarily overdramatic.) This is one of those things that girls stereotypically are in to, but I’m sure there are plenty of dudes who care about what’s on their feet as well. And according to this article, they’ve done a study on what your shoes say about you.

What do these shoes say? (hint: “Target $14.99”)

Did we really need a study for this? Don’t we all judge people by their shoes anyway? Or am I the only judge-y one out there?

Granted, I am not necessarily deciding how secure one is in his or her relationships when I am scanning shoes, so maybe they did gather some useful information, but if I see someone in 6 inch fuchsia patent leather spiked heels when I am out and about running my daily errands I will probably make some judgements in that department…

I’m not saying a girl can’t wear a pair of super awesome shoes for no reason, BUT your shoes really do say something about you (see study referenced above). When you choose your daily footwear, you are constructing an image on which you will be judged by others – whether you like it or not. And as someone who appreciates a well put together outfit (though I don’t always display one myself), the wrong shoes can really throw off the whole thing. AND can give folks the wrong impression.

I’m a comfort girl. At one point I am pretty sure I had nearly 20 pairs of Birkenstocks. Part of the reason is my feet used to bother me quite a lot and they helped with the pain. Did everyone who saw me in khakis and Birks think I was some kind of weird hippie chick? Probably. AM I some kind of weird hippie chick? Probably. Is that the image I should be projecting? Probably not then, when I was working in a corporate HR department (which I loathed so I probably didn’t care, but that’s not the point), but now? Sure!

I still sport the occasional Birkenstock. I even still have my first pair (Milanos, FYI) that I bought in 1996 with the money I’d earned working as an AEGIS camp counselor that summer. I had them resoled several years ago so they don’t look 16 years old. But I’ve allowed cute(r) shoes into my wardrobe since my Birkenstock era. I am pretty “obsessed” (your word, not mine) with flats these days.

You don’t have to be “obsessed” (I wish you’d quit insisting on that word) with shoes like me and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make good shoe sense: when they are worn, replace them. I understand not everyone can afford to do that BUT most folks can afford to spend $20 – $30 every six months. As long as your shoes are clean and in good repair and it looks as if you thought about how they might look with what you are wearing, I think you are safe from criticism.

Some folks have no problem buying new footwear whenever they want and REALLY love to make a statement – which is great! And fun! Yippee! BUT. You still need to consider the appropriateness, both with what you are wearing and for the situation. I am not advocating that everyone is as practical (and boring?) as I am, but I am advocating wearing your shoes instead of them wearing you.

Unless you are two years old and have cute little chubby feet. In that case you can wear whatever you want to, honey.

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