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Clothes + Obsession = Laundry

No, no – it’s not me with the clothing obsession. It’s my daughter. My two year old daughter.

This seems like the kind of story I would exaggerate for comic effect, but I assure you I am not exaggerating: EVERY DAY she asks me, “Where’s my Fresh Beat Band shirt?!”

Every day. Usually? More than one time. Every DAY.

Most days the exchange goes like this:

I answer, “In the dirty clothes.” She says, “Can I wear it?” 


“Why not?” 

“Because it’s dirty.” 

“Oh. Where’s my Rock Star shirt?!” (Which is also likely in the dirty clothes basket.)

And I mean every day, people. It is a true obsession. I’ve been known to let her wear her Fresh Beat Band shirt two days in a row just to get a break. And she’s two, so it’s not like the shirt doesn’t get dirty.  I even let her keep it on to sleep in one night, which was a BIG mistake because now she expects that every time she wears it. So this is my fault, right?

It’s entirely possible.

A couple months ago we had a “Rock Star” themed birthday party for the girls, which was inspired by The Fresh Beat Band, but it was not a “Fresh Beat Band” party by any means. I made matching “Rock Star” t-shirts for the girls on Zazzle for the party, and then the following weekend my six year old and I went to see The Fresh Beat Band in concert and bought shirts for both girls. Leading up to the party and concert, we probably watched more of The Fresh Beat Band than usual, but not more TV than usual. We also have the CD and listen to it in the car quite a lot.

But. She’s TWO.

It’s not like we were all Fresh Beat Band all day. But she is crazy about them. Which is not really my preference because I like to limit screen time, but luckily listening to the music is good enough for them AND the music is good pop music with a positive message. But for real – this is her after I took the shirt out of the dryer yesterday:

And this is her after I made her put it in her drawer so she could wear it today (I’m holding her to console her and took the pic while holding her. I am a true multitasker.):

And then? Once the shirt was in her drawer, she had to open it and check that it was there no less than six times. And then she was overly concerned with her sister’s Fresh Beat Band shirt and shrieked (“There it is! I see it!”) when she saw it in the (clean) laundry basket. (So her obsession is every Fresh Beat Band shirt, apparently, not just her own.)
And this is her today:

So all is right in her world.

I don’t remember my six year old ever being that obsessed about anything, much less knowing the lyrics to songs and singing them ALL. THE. TIME. So either my second child is um, unique? OR The Fresh Beat Band is actually super awesome?

{Apologies if you don’t know the FBB. It’s on Nick Jr. You should totally check it out. For your children, of course. Or, um, your friend’s children. It’s cool. No judging here.}

As if I don’t have enough trouble keeping up with laundry, now it seems I must wash her precious shirt every other day. And NO, I’m not going to buy more of the same shirt – do you know how much that shirt was?!

The lesson here? Don’t try to make your kids happy. It will backfire on you.

(P.S. She just asked where her Fresh Beat Band shirt is. SHE IS WEARING IT.)

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