Can We Move Past Facebook Already?

Just a few short years ago, I was new to Facebook and it was so fun to be connected to everyone I hadn’t seen or talked to in ages. But now? Now my News Feed has no news and the Messages option is spotty. So Facebook is essentially useless to me. 
But because I was spoiled by keeping up with all my old friends for even a short while, I want that again. Yes, I know I can adjust my settings in Facebook to do this or that, but it doesn’t really improve anything. Facebook is just too massive now. But regular old email doesn’t seem to be a go-to communication tool anymore, either. We are so over connected to everything and everyone it’s nearly impossible to sift out all of the unnecessary stuff. And so we are right back where we started and have no idea what is going on with anyone, but now we have the added frustration of knowing what it was like when we were connected. 
So what is the answer? I’ve tried Google+ but couldn’t really get anyone else to. I tried Path, but only had one friend on there so it fizzled. I love Twitter, but most of the people I know in real life aren’t on there. And I have email outside of Facebook, but I rarely get any personal correspondence that way – it’s mostly mailing lists that I haven’t had time (or patience) to unsubscribe from. 
I’m trying to make Facebook work for me – I have a page for my blog in an effort to stay connected, I sometimes share pictures and things on my personal page, and I respond to messages and comments. I want it to work. But more often than not it is just frustrating and disappointing and ever changing and difficult to use. Of course this is not the first time I have shared my Facebook frustrations, but at this point I need an alternative. I just can’t deal with it anymore. 
Suggestions anyone? Are we stuck with Facebook as it is forever?


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