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Summer? Already?

I started the school year with a blog post about my daughter and, among other things, talked about her starting kindergarten. Well. She’s done with that now.

My kindergarten graduate.
So now what? First grade is freaking me out, but I guess I’ll let her go anyway. This is life with kids, right? It doesn’t matter if things freak you out – it’s not like I’m not going to send her to school. But I’m doing one better (because I like to challenge my psyche): I’m also going to put my two year old in a preschool program in the fall. This will be my brave new world, and I’m not quite sure what to expect…

BUT since I still have a few months, I’ll focus on summer. For which I am also unprepared. (NO, really. I don’t even have a swim suit.) We’ve already managed a couple of outings, so maybe this will buy us some time to chill out for a bit…

Stay cool, peeps. It’s going to be a hot one.