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Just Like a Rock Star.

We’ve been busy, busy, busy around here…

Or so it seems, anyway.

Last weekend we had a small gathering with my girls’ closest friends to celebrate both of their birthdays. It sure is nice to do a one joint party instead of two parties! I wonder how long we can get away with that… It was a “Rock Star” party, inspired by The Fresh Beat Band. I even made cupcakes (which were “inspired by” microphones)!

We didn’t plan to have their birthdays 23 days apart – it just happened that way. (Well, they aren’t literally 23 days apart – literally their birthdays are 3 years, 11 months, and 7 days apart. You’re welcome.) So even though it’s nice to have a joint party, what really ends up happening is that we have this three-week-long “Birthday-palooza”, starting with the little one’s birthday and building up to the big one’s birthday. And it happens to hit around the same time as Easter and Mother’s Day. And right before the end of year dance recital. And right before all that the end of the school year stuff.

So, I feel like I have partied just like a rock star, but sadly… I have not… And we aren’t even CLOSE to done with all this business yet.

And did I mention I am taking the big one to see The Fresh Beat Band in concert this weekend? (You either pity me, envy me, or have no idea who I am talking about.) It will technically be her first concert, though she did attend a couple in utero.

Wish me luck. Or send me wine.