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It’s my Bloggiversary!

(So I like to make up words. Like you’ve never done it.)

A year ago today I created my first post on this blog. It was really nothing more than a place holder, a statement of intent. And I’m not really sure that the direction of this blog improved after that post! But if you have read my blog ever – whether you’ve read one post or every post – I want to say thanks. I appreciate your interest in the content I add to the world wide interwebs. And if you’ve ever commented on a post I want to give you an extra special thank you. You rock.

So how did I spend my first Bloggiversary, you ask? Well, this morning the girls and I went to Target. We were supposed to go to HEB, too, but stayed in Target too long. (Which means we will go to HEB after the little one wakes up from her pseudo-nap.) We needed to go to Target because my six year old wanted to spend some of her birthday money. She wanted to buy three books and put the rest of the money in her piggy banks. “So you just want books, no toys?” “Yes, just books. I want a Magic Tree House book, a Ramona book, and a Sophie book.” Kids these days…

Happy My Bloggiversary! Thanks for reading!

Before we made it to the books I stopped by the swim wear to see if they had anything suitable (HA! I crack myself up) for me. I found something to try on, so off the three of us went to the fitting room. Once inside, the two of them decided to give a Fresh Beat Band concert for all within earshot. I ask them to give it a rest and a child in a neighboring stall basically picks up where they left off. Really. Talk about picking your battles – next time I’ll just sing along, too.

And for the record, I just discovered I have to go back to Target because the workout shirt I bought has a hole in it. Now, aren’t you sorry you asked?

And don’t you wish there were more rules on who exactly is allowed to have a blog?

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