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Stick a Fork in Me…

Seriously, people. This week was stupid. I am just done, and sooo glad it’s the weekend…

Why was it stupid? I don’t know exactly… Maybe because I had to enroll my daughter in first grade last night? Maybe because she is about to lose her first top front tooth (and loose teeth are so gross)? Maybe because she had a breakdown after we got in the car this morning because  she’s “going to miss all her friends!” and wants to “be at the same school as them always!”. (OK – maybe not the whole week, just the last 24 hours.)

So if I used “bad” words in front of my kids, I would have at that point. But in my head I was just like, “F*ck this. She’s not going to school today.” This is one of the benefits of living in a state where kindergarten is not mandatory, and having your child at a private kindergarten. (We would have been late for school anyway.) And although she was lamenting the imminent separation from her friends just minutes earlier, she preferred to stay with me than to go to school. (Weirdo.)

So off we went to Target and HEB. With both my children. Because that seemed like the best choice at the time.

To my surprise, they were actually very well behaved up until the very end when the big one was complaining because her “legs hurt” from “walking so much”. The little one was the best she’s ever been on a shopping trip, because all she cared about was what her sister was doing.

And when we got home they ate lunch without incident. My super reader read while the other one napped, then they played with legos together.

Despite the rain, my husband was home on the early side of things. Dinner wasn’t too much of a struggle. Bedtime was OK. But, nevertheless, I am pooped.

So clearly the problem here is me. Which leads me to a statistic that I just made up (you may use it if you like): 90% of mothering is in your head.

Boom.  Problem solved. Or at least identified. Prescription: Kava Kava tea and beauty sleep to prepare me for another awesome day. Oh, and fewer carbs. Bread and chips overpowered me today. Yuck.