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Parental Transgressions.

I share this story with the hope you will learn from my transgression.

Today we were tidying up the house and my husband was helping (that’s NOT a typo). He was hanging clothes in the closet that had been on a portable rack I use near the laundry room. I remembered that the other day I had put some of the girls things on that rack as we came in the house, but I couldn’t remember if I had put them away or not.

I asked my husband, “Is there any of the girls’ stuff left on there?” To which he responds, “Not unless one of them is Stevie Nicks,” as the remaining items were scarves and long sweaters of mine.

He’s hilarious.

SO… I ask my oldest daughter – who is nearly six – “Are you Stevie Nicks?” To which she responds, “No, and I don’t even know who that is anyway.”

I am so embarrassed. This is a wrong that must be righted. I am truly an unfit parent if my daughter does not know who Stevie Nicks is. This incident has helped me refocus my priorities. I just hope Stevie never reads my blog.

My view of Stevie during “Gold Dust Woman” via the jumbo screen, August 2011.

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  1. I love your blog. But admittedly (admittingly? whatever.)I wish I didn’t have to type in a security thingy every time I want to comment. Is this able to be bypassed??? I’m a ding dong when it comes to this stuff.

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