I used my college degree today!

Oh, Lord – it is about time. This degree of mine has been unused for some time now… But tonight? TONIGHT I used my scale ruler I bought for my set design class in college to determine that my girls will not be sharing a room like we had originally planned… I even had to do MATH (which I did not have to do for my degree, directly).

This damn scaler ruler that I had to scrape money together to buy because I was that poor in college. This damn scale ruler that we had to drive a freaking hour to get – and I am pretty sure the car we were in broke down (Abby – are you out there? Is that what happened?). And it seems like it was the day of or the day before my first date with my husband. And I CURSED this God forsaken ruler. Cursed it, I tell you. I did not enjoy set design nor the process of building models of my sets and I did NOT want to have to buy this stupid ruler.

You know, the stupid ruler that just potentially saved me several hundred dollars and lots of hassle fifteen years later?

Yeah, that one.

Very funny, God. Very. Funny.

3 thoughts on “I used my college degree today!

  1. Wow. I’m not only impressed that you used it, but that you still HAVE it. I through mine out, or gave it away (or burned it and did a dance of hysteria around it in a math-gone-wrong induced moment of insanity). *inhale* Anyway, good for you! I really do need mine sometimes, but just end up using and cursing at a ruler.

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