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Honking = Bullying in a car.

I think honking is rude.

I am not talking about the kind of honking you do when someone drifts into your lane and you need to get his or her attention. Nor am I referring to the honk you give when the light is green and the person in front of you has failed to see it. I’m not even referring to the sudden, irate honk that might be necessary when someone does something incredibly reckless right in front of you.

I will allow all of those “honks.”

What I have a problem with is the following: I am waiting to turn out of a parking lot or side street onto a busy road with many lanes and many vehicles approaching at varying speeds from multiple directions, AND YOU HONK AT ME. (Not “you” specifically, of course.) This is NOT OK.

See, you don’t get to make my driving decisions for me. You don’t get to decide when it is safe for me and my family to venture into on coming traffic. You are not in my car and can’t see what I see. If you are in a hurry, that is your problem – don’t make it mine. (Again, not “you” specifically, of course.) My car and the contents of it are my responsibility, not yours.

What I’m protecting.

If you would like to drive my car and my family around, the job of family chauffeur is open – but let me tell you, the pay and the hours suck. Until you accept that position: don’t freaking honk at me. (Not “you” specifically – you know that, right?)

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