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Free Time.

I blog in my free time.

“Free” time.

What is it that makes this time free? Because I believe I also sleep in my “free time”, but that sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? My “free time” is free because it is time that I am not obligated to take care of anyone or anything. Which is actually the time during which I am supposed to take care of myself. So my “free” time is actually my “me” time but I’m supposed to fill it with taking care of me. So it’s not really free.

Who made up this term “free time”? It’s a terrible misnomer. We should rename it. But we can’t call it “me” time because that makes it sound selfish, and therefore wrong because it is wrong to be selfish. Or at  least it is if you are a mom – I can’t really speak for anyone else, but somehow moms get the message that doing anything that is not directly related to taking care of our children is selfish. And wrong. OF COURSE THIS IS NOT TRUE. But it is the message that’s out there. So, no to “me” time.

If we are going to be literal in our renaming of “free time” – and again, I am speaking from the perspective of a stay at home mom – then we must call it “the time that I stole from something or someone else I was supposed to be paying attention to or taking care of so I can feel guilty about it later” time.

You’re right – that’s a little long. I believe in simplicity and honesty, so let’s just call it “guilty” time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the rest of my guilty time checking Facebook and playing Words with Friends. At 11PM.