Stop it With the Voodoo!

Somebody out there put a migraine voodoo spell on me, I’m sure of it. Call it off, I say! ENOUGH!

Migraines are just stupid. I got one in El Salvador the day we went to the beach (8 days ago). I got one yesterday. I got one this morning. THIS IS NOT HOW THIS IS SUPPOSED TO WORK. I will allow one migraine every now and then at an inappropriate time and that is all. Somebody’s voodoo is messing up my life. So undo the spell. Please?

If you have never had a migraine, you have no idea what I am complaining about. It is not a headache. It is a whole body phenomenon wherein you cannot see for a while, talk or think correctly for a while, or eat. Oh, and your head might hurt, too.

So, I haven’t really felt like blogging lately.

Some people get migraines like mine every day. So I don’t have real problems. I just don’t feel very well right now.

But, my sweet daughter was in a good mood today and is finding a new thing to be excited about: Spring. Or as we call it in Houston: “Summer.”