Sitting at the Airport.

Waiting at the gate. So unpleasant when you just want to be home. Seats are uncomfortable. Not enough room. And flight is… delayed… At least it is a short flight once we get going. But the last time I was at this gate – alone – was after a friend’s wedding and the night before I had overindulged a bit. It makes me a little nauseous and dizzy just remembering it.

But. I am without obligations for right now. There is nothing I can do for anyone. There is nothing anyone can request of me. I am here by myself. And I am not quite sure how to act. So I will observe and report.

Behind me: locals discussing “YouTube” and “Facebook” in a way that requires quotation marks. To my right, not so locals talking on their phones in Spanish. Immediately in front of me, a large man with a cowboy hat – and an iPhone. It’s amazing how small the world has become that even in this tiny little airport (I didn’t even have to check the screen to find my gate), there is diversity and irony and technology represented as much as it is anywhere. Even here in this tiny airport, I am annoyed by those around me. Such a small world.

This week I have missed my girls, my husband, and – my belly dancing class (more on that later). But to have the chance to be with my mom and that part of my family during this time is priceless. I even was able to see my dad for a little bit today, so that was nice bonus.

I have no idea what has been going on in the world this week. Apparently the Superbowl is tomorrow? I probably wouldn’t have remembered that on my own, but I have a friend who is there and her Facebook updates reminded me.

I hate that these seats are all connected. I nearly get knocked out of my chair every time the guy next to me moves – which is a lot. And I just remembered the walkway is broken at this gate and we have to walk down the stairs to get out to the plane, and up the stairs to get onto the plane. With our carry on bags.

Where am I, anyway? OMG. Sit still, dude.

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  1. I thought of you the whole time I was “there”. 😉 Maybe I wasn’t who you were speaking of, but I thought of you anyway. My best to you and your family.

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