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Cup o’ the Day: So NOT Coffee!

Not only are the contents of this cup NOT coffee or caffeine related, but they are something I would have a hard time finding in the US.

I have no idea what this drink is called.

So we went out to dinner the other night (in El Salvador) with my husband’s cousins, and upon our arrival this is what was suggested for us to drink. Now, whenever someone insists I get a certain drink I’m always a little skeptical of its contents – sure it’s tasty, but how will I feel in the morning?

So prior to ordering said drink I needed to know what was in it. The answer I was given? “Passionfruit and Muñeco.” (Do what now?) That wasn’t a satisfactory answer for me because I thought they were making it up, so I asked for clarification on what this “muñeco” business was, to which the response was “Salvadorian Moonshine.” So then I was really like, “Do WHAT now?!” But this was the answer my husband’s cousins were giving me. And I thought they were pulling my leg.

My husband returns to the table and I promptly ask him, “What is ‘Muñeco’?” And his response? “Salvadorian Moonshine.” Ay ay ay…

P.S. It was muy delicioso…

(Edited to correct the gender of the alcohol.)
(Edited AGAIN to correct the caption regarding the name of the drink.)