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Cup o’ the Day: Oldie but Goodie

So I’m at my mom’s now, visiting, helping, doing what I can. She is going through a big transition right now, so I just hope my presence is a little helpful.

Of course my days are still fueled by caffeine, so here’s what that looks like:

This cup is probably as old as I am.

This cup matches the Corelle Ware we had growing up. The Corelle set was a wedding gift for my parents from my mom’s parents, but these cups were not part of that. Mom thinks she found them in the BX on the Air Force base where I was born in Michigan. She’s pretty sure they were on a half price shelf because they were damaged – it was supposed to be a set of four, but there were only three. I just can’t help but use this cup for my coffee when I’m here.

She still has all three cups – and the dishes that match. Sometimes it’s just nice to be home, even it’s under unfortunate circumstances.