belly dancing, exercise

Belly Dancing is BACK.

Believe it or not, I signed up for another session of belly dancing at the Y. It made sense at the time: 1) It obligates me to exercise once a week; 2) the instructor plays fun music to dance to; 3) it obligates me to exercise once a week (yes, it’s on the list twice – the class is not free and I am out of shape).

So as I said, it made sense at the time I signed up. The first week I had to miss because my husband was out of town. I went to the second class, which was my first class since last December. And let me tell you, after having already been in a class for two months last fall, when I did this class I still felt like a dumbass.

First of all, tall + thin = comedy. There is no escaping that. In fact, if I have any short, round friends who’d like to join me to form a belly dance comedy team, I think we have a fool proof formula. This is a really good idea.

Second of all, what is with all the isometrics?? That is like ALL belly dancing is. How am I supposed to pop my chest out like you, Volumptious Teacher, when I am lacking in the breasticle department? And when I try to do hip circles, I swear I look like Lisa (Baby’s sister) when she was trying to learn the hula dance for the talent show at Kellerman’s (and if you don’t know that reference, I don’t even know who you are anymore). Anyhoo, my point is, it ain’t pretty.

So this is all incredibly disappointing. I hate exercising so I try to find fun ways to do it. And this instructor is great, but I feel like such a spaz in there it’s hard to find the motivation to go back (yes, I know I paid for it, but still). And it’s at 7:30PM and that is usually just about when I plop my ass down on the couch at home. So I’m tired. Arrrrgh…

Tonight is the fourth class, but my second since I was out of town last week. By now I am sure all the other class participants are expert belly dancers, have choreographed their own routines, and have a secret handshake. So what I’m saying is I’m really excited about going.

But I have to go, right? This old body needs some exercise! I guess I could try to start running, as my husband promised me a BMW if I run a half marathon. You’re right – that does require it’s own post… Stay tuned.

Off to shake what I don’t have… Wish me luck…