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That’s right. I’m talking about hair. I am compelled to after seeing so many stories and blog posts about it as of late.

A few weeks ago I read a great post on BlogHer by Rita Arens on this very subject. It caught my eye because I obsess about my hair a lot. A LOT. But… I’ve found myself obsessing less and less since I cut it super short. Except when it’s about time for a hair appointment, then I start obsessing again: Should I keep it this short or grow it out? You know, like a girl. And this starts the debate (in my head) about why do I think my super short hair can’t be feminine?? And this is exactly what Rita writes about, so it really hit home for me.

Today I read another post on BlogHer about “sensible hair” and moms. I was kind of offended! I happen to think my current cut is stylish and modern, but it seems fans of longer hair view short cuts as “sensible” only. Is there Hairism in the mom culture? Why must I be labeled just because I choose to have short hair?

We’re both rocking short hair.

Also today I saw an article about which celebrities had the most coveted hair of 2011. The number one  female celebrity cut is a super short cut worn on someone who is young and NOT a mom!

So what is the verdict then? Do moms have different opinions on hair than the general public does? Is there some kind of rule about being a mom and how you cut your hair that no has told me about? Giving “short hair” in itself a bad connotation only perpetuates the myth that short hair can’t be feminine or stylish or attractive! At this point in her life, my five year old believes her hair must be long and she must wear purple and pink. God help the feminist in me if she thinks she must just because she’s a girl!

But what it all comes down to really is, why does any one care? Why is this an interesting enough subject for me to read about, write about, or talk about? Why can’t we just appreciate that everyone’s beauty is different and let it be?

It’s just hair. I’ve had no hair and I’ve had hair down to the middle of my back. It’s an accessory, like earrings or shoes, but it just happens to grow on our heads. How horrible it must be to be a celebrity and get a few inches of hair cut off on a whim and then read all about it on the interwebs as if you just kicked a kitten.

I like my hair short. I’m glad I finally had the guts to just get rid of it all (you know, on purpose). I’m going to keep it this way until I get sick of it and want to try something else – not because of some expectation or stereotype someone else puts on me, but just because I want to try something different. Sensible or not.

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