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Cup o’ the Day: So Special

Years and years ago when I was sick, I received many gifts encouraging me to “Get Well” and the such. Flowers, balloons, teddy bears – you name it. One oddly popular gift? Coffee cups. Not sure why it worked out that way, especially since I didn’t actually drink coffee when I was 15 and I was treated at a children’s hospital, but there you go.

Well, I actually still possess a few of these thoughtful tokens. Here is one:
Apparently I am so special. Or I was.
I don’t actually know who gave me this cup. But every time I use it, I think, “Holy crap, I’ve had this cup for a long time.” Just in case you don’t believe I’ve had it that long, here is a close up to support my claim:
I’m glad they copyrighted it. I would hate to think of someone stealing this idea.

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