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Bunko and the Suburban Mom.

Way back when my husband and I lived in Tulsa, my day job was in the Human Resources department of a telecommunications company. Telecom was booming at this time, so the Recruiting side of HR was the place to be. We hired a lot of recruiters in a short period of time so most of them were previously employed at staffing agencies, and felt pretty special about being brought in to our company. Most of them were pretty cocky and self important, as if they shit gold. One lady in particular, not only strutted around like she could do no wrong, but she was also stupid. I don’t really mean to insult her, she was just a complete airhead – this opinion was shared by all who knew her. For a short while, I was her recruiting assistant, so I was living the dream.

One day I was trying to help her get out the door a bit early so she could do something she thought was important, and she went off on a caffeinated tangent about how it was her Bunko night. All I caught from this conversation was “ladies” and “wine” and I was utterly confused as to what Bunko actually was. I assumed Bunko was some stupid thing that older ladies do (she was in her mid-thirties at the time) that was completely lame. Amazingly enough, I was dead on.
So my Bunko night is next week.
Bunko night is awesome! Once a month, I get together with a bunch of ladies from the neighborhood. Most of the time we actually play Bunko (it’s a dice game), but we always drink wine. At least half of the ladies there I never would have met if it wasn’t for our neighborhood Bunko. And I’m not proclaiming that I am best friends with them all or that it’s all sunshine and kumbaya amongst us – I have nothing in common with some of them, and I have become friends with others of them. Regardless of who attends, it’s always a much needed respite from my normal day to day activities.

Maybe the dingbat in HR was on to something. Maybe this is something that happens in Suburbia all across our great nation. Maybe it’s been happening for decades (at least one for sure). I really don’t know – I didn’t grow up in the world I live in now. But I know that these “lame” things I do now that I am in my mid-thirties and a mom are very needed in my life.

I hear another common activity these days for moms in their mid-thirties is blogging… which is totally lame.