Something else to be Thankful for.

Health Insurance – so thankful I have it.

If you have ever not had it and really needed it, you know what I am talking about.

I get frustrated with people making up stories about “Obamacare” and I assume that the people employing these scare tactics have never been without health insurance, OR they have always been pretty healthy and never really *needed* to use it.

I also get frustrated with people who blame people for being sick – claiming if people would just take care of themselves they wouldn’t need health insurance.

Well, I really need my health insurance and I take care of myself pretty well.

So this was me yesterday:

An example of an uncomfortable place for an IV

Yesterday I had (another) endoscopy, or an EGD, as my doctor referred to it. (She likes to use fancy names for things.) If you are *really* keeping up with my life, you know I had this procedure done a few weeks ago, too. Well, after the first procedure she discovered I had an esophageal stricture which was causing the problems I was having (basically, my food was getting stuck in my esophagus so I could only eat soup). During the first procedure, she dilated my esophagus, but because she could only dilate it a few millimeters at a time I needed a follow-up procedure to give me a few more millimeters to work with.

Long story short, all went well despite them either running an hour and a half behind, or screwing up the schedule. I have quite a lot of experience being treated at this hospital and have always been very pleased with the staff. What I am not pleased with, however, is having to get a freaking IV. 
Needles are stupid.
And it doesn’t help at all that most of my veins are shot (repeated IV drug use will do that to you), so I only have one good place for an IV: in the bend of my right arm. So my arm pretty much has to be straight for the duration of the IV. Awesome. Needless to say, the delay of my procedure was very annoying.
But I am a “glass half full” kind of gal, so I took full advantage of having to stay in a bed in a room by myself and took a little nap while I was waiting. So that was nice.
Oh, yeah, I almost forgot – I also have a hiatal hernia. What the frick? How old am I anyway?
None of these problems are huge. But it would be a HUGE pain in the ass to even get them diagnosed if not for my health insurance. I think the way the so called “health care” system in the US is run is a total crock, but it is what it is. I have no clue how to fix the problem, but I sure as hell support any attempts to improve it and/or provide access to health insurance to those who don’t have access to it otherwise. If there was more of an emphasis on preventative health care instead of prescribing a drug for everything, maybe people would actually get better. But then the health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t make any money, would they?
Despite my disdain for the providers’ business tactics, I am still very thankful I have health insurance. I just wish I didn’t have to use it so often.