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Partial solution to my Santa conundrum.

I know I have established my Santa issues, so I thought I would share that I am working through them.

One *awesome* solution for me is to take “his” power away a little. I was inspired by a friend’s Facebook status when she stated that she was going to make the underwear and socks be from Santa this year (thanks, Angie!). It occurred to me that I am part of my Santa problem. 
So I’m not going the socks and underwear route, and my five year old will get what’s on her list to Santa from Santa (she didn’t ask for much), BUT… The awesome play kitchen for the girls that I scored on sale on Amazon? That’s from Mommy & Daddy.
Take that, Santa.
Keeping it simple, keeping them happy.

3 thoughts on “Partial solution to my Santa conundrum.

  1. A famous person I know (I say ‘famous’ because I was curious about how Santa works for someone who has millions) said that Santa only brings 3 gifts to her kids. The rest come from mommy, daddy, and other family members.
    A friend of mine (not famous or rich) doesn’t ever mention Santa. The gifts show up and her 5 year old knows about Santa, but she doesn’t perpetuate the myth of his existence.
    I find Santa to be a creepy marketing ploy that I doubt I will ever mention to my future children either.

    1. It’s nice to hear that even those for whom money is no object take a mindful approach to the Santa business. So glad we are done with that for a few months… Dreading next Santa season…

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