Changing it up.

Every once in a while, you need to shake things up in a relationship. It’s too easy to get comfortable with the way you’ve always done things. Sometimes you just need to leave your comfort zone and try something new in the bedroom.

At first I felt weird even suggesting anything different – I mean, what if he doesn’t want to do it? What if it’s uncomfortable for him? What if it’s uncomfortable for ME? It’s been years since we’ve done anything like this. What if it doesn’t work out? Then I have to switch the nightstands around again… I’m not sure if I’m ready to try this…

That’s right: we’re switching sides of the bed.

Of course this is all my idea – I’m trying to create a space for my yoga practice and that space is currently on my husband’s side of the bed. I feel like the space would work better if that whole side was “mine”, so here we go.

My soon-to-be yoga space

The real problem here is that I’m having trouble trying to fit my (very neglected) yoga practice into my life. Physical fitness is part of the reason I practice yoga, but the real benefit for me is the quiet time that is pretty much nonexistent in the rest of my life.

I am NOT fit – at all. I have had quite a few obstacles in my pursuit of fitness since my second child was born (she is nearly 20 months old). As any mother will tell you, it is difficult to fit exercise in to a child dominated life. Especially when you are breastfeeding – which I was up until July. And if your baby doesn’t nap – my baby was seemingly nap-averse until recently. (I celebrate one hour naps with a happy dance, but that doesn’t really count as exercise.) Or if you have GI issues – I have recently been diagnosed with and treated for a couple, which is actually good because now I know why I have been short of breath. And I have tried the childcare at the Y so I could work out even a *little*: it was very much a FAIL.

So. Anyway. I have my work cut out for me. I mean, belly dancing doesn’t start again until January!

But what I really need is time to quiet my mind. A time when I am not corralling children or changing diapers or making dinner or picking up toys or checking my email (or, um, blogging) or recapping the day with my husband. I love all of those things (even changing diapers – it’s “our” time), but it makes for a lot of busy-ness from which I need to unwind. It is difficult to do that when you don’t have a space for your yoga mat without rearranging furniture (like I need *one* more thing to do).

Well, I have a place now, so we’ll see how it goes. I hope my husband doesn’t slap me in the head when his alarm goes off in the morning.


  1. Great…there goes MY yoga practice…:)