Oh, right. I have a blog.

So it’s been busy around here. What’s a blogging mama to do?

To “blog” requires some down time. I have to have time to have a thought, read something that gets me thinking, or have a “blog worthy” experience. But sometimes none of those things happen. And then it’s the end of a busy few days and I find myself thinking, “Wait – was today just ONE day? This morning seems like yesterday.” And it’s exhausting. And confusing. And probably something a whole lot of moms experience.

And right now I would just like to sit on the couch and watch some mindless television. BUT I should probably make dinner.

Or procrastinate by blogging…

Or go see what my toddler is doing so silently in her room…

Hmmm… Maybe I would have saved a step by NOT checking on her and letting her have the lotion for dinner….