Enough with the Thankfulness – it’s time for Christmas.

Holy Blogger, Batman! It is almost Christmastime! Where did the time go??

I have pretty much NO idea what I’m getting anyone for Christmas, what we’re doing for Christmas cards or decorations, or what or how to pack for our up coming trip. This really snuck up on me… Sneaky Christmas…

So I am thinking of getting something like this for the girls:

This seems like something a toddler and a kindergartener can play with together, right? So at least they will be getting that… Probably.
I think my biggest challenge this time of year is staying on topic with my older one. She gets sooo excited about (everything, really) presents and celebrations. But it is important to me that she knows we celebrate Christmas to recognize the birth of Jesus Christ. But I still want her to enjoy the wonder of the Santa Claus business, and I don’t want her to get too hung up on “getting stuff” so it gets complicated. 
Needless to say, I have a lot of work ahead of me. Thankfully my dear husband takes care of the outside of the house Christmas decor… I am not really into all of that, but he likes it and *OF COURSE* my daughter loves it. So really we do it for her. And the little one once she starts to care about the lights and whatnot. Which may actually be this year…
Seriously – where has the time gone?