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Cup o’ the Day: Late Show

I have a lot of coffee cups. Most of them I have received as gifts, some were freebies from work or other places. So – because I like to amuse myself – I am starting an occasional segment on my blog called “Cup o’ the Day” which will feature the cup I am using and a short anecdote about it. This is the first installment.

Here is my cup for today:

My husband went on a business trip to New York many years ago when we still lived in Tulsa. It was a BIG deal at the time because we were both relatively new to the corporate world and he didn’t really need to travel for work ever. I’m not sure if he had even been to New York yet at that point. He took a lot of really cool black and white pictures while he was there. But with all of our moves since, we seemed to have lost the pics (this was before digital cameras!). 
One of the extracurricular things he and his work pals did while they were there was attending a taping of Letterman. So he got us these cups. I like ’em.