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Shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Seriously – why did I think it was a good idea to sign up for this bellydancing class? After four classes I still feel ridiculous and I’m not having fun. BUT I am getting exercise because – let me tell you – it is harder than it looks.

It is very hard to get in to it, though, for all of the comedic opportunities.

Our class could be a scene from the  movie Bridesmaids. Except nobody knows each other at all. And the Kristen Wiig character looks more like a 14 year old boy than a pretty girl (that would be me). And we are led by the OBD, who seems to just dance as the music moves her to. We all just kind of follow what she is doing, but we’re always a few steps behind. And she always plays the same music and it’s SO loud. And when the song stops, she abruptly poses – because you MUST pose when the song is over. Even if you don’t know the song and didn’t know it was about to end.

*insert pose here*

And the scarves! Except they aren’t called “scarves”, they are called “veils”. We get to dance with scarves! I mean veils. They are really really long. And we get to dance WITH them. And make them do things. All while trying to follow the dance of the OBD and knowing that at any given minute we may have to pose.

*insert pose here*

We also get to dance with each other. Just when you thought it couldn’t be more awkward (which, by the way, I feel the spelling of “awkward” is awkward), she has us dance with ladies we have just met. With ladies. We haven’t actually even met. But we get in a circle and shimmy toward one another. The casting director for Bridemaids clearly chose the participants of my class – so imagine that with shimmying. At each other. Shimmying at each other. And posing abruptly.

*insert pose here*

I’m pretty sure Ashton Kutcher will show up at my next class to let us all know we’ve been Punked.

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