Older than I should be.

So here’s a fun bit of news: This week I’m having a colonoscopy and an endoscopy.

“But, Candy, how old are you?” you say. “75,” I say. Obviously I am 75 years old. Why else would I be having these tests?

Of course, I am not 75, these are just things you have to do as you get older. And most of you reading this are at least my age (give or take a few years), so that makes you old, too. So there.

This is actually the third time I will be doing these tests so I kind of know the drill. But this time the doctor wants to put me under general anesthesia because it took twice the dose of the other drugs (whatever they are) to get me where I needed to be last time. That’s really not cool. But since I agree that I should have these tests done, I don’t really see that I have a choice here.

So that’s awesome. And I had a migraine yesterday. And I’m getting my daughter’s cold.

But really I am too young to be having all these issues, right? Right?

When did I become the age that aches and pains set in, tests need to be done, and caffeine *needs* to be consumed? Aren’t I much younger than that?

I am 36 – AM I OLD NOW??

Aging is a weird thing because you don’t necessarily notice it when it’s happening. It’s just like one day you are two 21 year olds going on your first date, and the next thing you know you’ve been married for ten years and have two kids. It really feels like it all happens overnight. So clearly I can not be old enough for all of these issues. I mean I just graduated from college a few… wait, that’s been almost 15 years ago?

Oh, my… Maybe I should be this old.