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A Conclusion to my Belly Dancing Dilemma.

Firstly – I didn’t mean to be such a drag in my last blog post. I am very blessed and I appreciate that every day. I promise I don’t confuse having a crazy day with having real problems. But I appreciate the support more than you know.

Secondly – After the craptastic day I had yesterday, I really didn’t want to go to my belly dancing class last night.

But… I am so glad I did!

What a difference a teacher can make… Apparently the OBD was NOT supposed to be the teacher for my class. She was filling in because the for real teacher had injured her ankle and wasn’t able to teach. But she’s well enough to teach now, so yay – she was very fun!

Not that the OBD doesn’t have her merits, but clearly she is just someone who knows a lot about belly dancing, not someone who knows how to teach a dance class to a group of people. Surely she would be lovely in a one on one instruction situation… I mean, I guess. I don’t really know. I’m just trying to be nice. I probably would have quit the class if she remained as the teacher.

So this new teacher (new to me – not new to teaching this class) had fun music and choreography and counted with the music and gave direction to the class – crazy, right? She posed at the end of songs, but she warned us – almost as if she planned it! And we used veils, too, but they were very purposeful. (She says they are a good way to work your arms.)

I enjoyed myself and had a good workout. There was nothing for me to make fun of.

Now what am I going to blog about?

2 thoughts on “A Conclusion to my Belly Dancing Dilemma.

  1. I just linked over at random from a comment you wrote on a BabyCenter blog post (about TV time). Your comment about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups cracked me up…and now I’m cracking up over your belly dancing poses.

    Nice to “meet” you! Hope you are having a less craptastic day today! 😉

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