Clothing and other basic needs.

As the seasons change and the girls grow, I find myself having to constantly think about clothes. It’s difficult for me because, even though I like to look “put together”, I’m not really into clothes or filling my closet with the latest fashions. I view clothing in a very practical way – it needs to cover our bodies and be appropriate for the climate – but I understand (and at times can value) it’s ability to be fun and an outward expression of ourselves.

(I imagine friends of mine, especially those who work or have worked in fashion or costume design, are aghast at my beliefs – I share with them the time we were in our Lighting Design class in college and I debated with the professor regarding my feelings that the only purpose of lighting was to see the actors. It’s possible I am too practical at times.)

This is why my daughter might look like this when we are just hanging around the house:

This is really not the worst. Most of her clothes are too small for her at this point, so she often looks like a sausage in casing. A cute sausage, but one that really needs new, bigger casing clothes. (“But Candy,” you say, “Why doesn’t she just wear her big sister’s old clothes?” To which I say, “She would if we had them.” We did not know if we would be blessed with baby #2, so we gave most of our first daughter’s clothes away.)
So I am having the opposite problem. The other day I found myself wearing an outfit I used to wear a lot when I was pregnant. My “baby” is 18 months old. Not only have I lost my pregnancy weight, but I now weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy. Clinton and Stacy would have a field day with me. (And no – I don’t have any pictures of me in the offending outfit(s).)
And then my five year old… She suddenly grew longer legs so even though some of her things fit in the waist, they are too short. Not that she likes pants anyway – she would rather wear only skirts and dresses. Pink and purple frilly, ruffly, tulle-y skirts and dresses. Oy vey.
So what’s a practical mama to do? I think I can solve my girls problems, though the solutions may all be from Target (cut me some slack – like I have TIME to galavant all over NW Houston to find clothes). But for me? I really don’t know. Now that it’s (possible that it might be) getting cooler, I have options I didn’t have this summer. I like jeans. But how do I evolve past my “clothing as a only a basic need” philosophy? Jeans are pretty basic. Finding tops that go with jeans that are age appropriate and flattering is not such an easy task, especially if I am trying to evolve fashion-wise. 
And this is the part where I ask for help. Anyone have any go-to, sure fire clothing advice? Because I am *this close* to just giving up and wearing the first thing I grab – even if it’s a maternity shirt.


  1. I am not aghast. I share your view on clothing oneself and it gets worse the longer I am in this industry. This makes others aghast at me…I’m supposed to love fashion and costumes and shopping. Gag. I do love the stuff but i make and alter and dress others all day, 5-6 days a week…so i don’t care to do it for myself. No, I don’t make my own clothes, never have – why is this so shocking??? Hell, I don’t even sew buttons back on or hem pants of my own. My “good” coat was missing 2 buttons for 2 years. Worry not my friend. Fashion is a blast when you have people to shop for you, tailor for you, dress you, and follow you around with a lint roller and double-stick tape. We, the 99%, don’t have that luxury.