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Oh, Facebook…

Facebook: What happened? I don’t even know who you are anymore.

I remember years ago when we were first getting to know each other… I was nervous, at first. You seemed too young for me.  I wasn’t sure if I could trust you, but eventually I shared more and more of my life with you. You helped me find old friends. I showed you pictures of my child, my life, my experiences. You even helped me share the news with my friends and family when I was pregnant with my second child! We shared so many good times.

At first the changes were subtle. We had a good relationship, so I was willing to overlook them. I wanted to support your new way of expressing yourself because I trusted you. Then you decided to use what you know about me to decide who I might know, what I might like to buy. This bothered me a little, but still – I trusted you. I thought it was an even exchange after all the help you had given me with connecting to old friends. And really everyone was doing it anyway, so what was the real harm?

But you just couldn’t let things be. The changes started happening more often. Other people felt violated by you, but I trusted you – I wanted to believe you cared about what was best for me. I foolishly felt like you wanted to make me happy. You weren’t in it for the money – you were in it for the people. You wanted us all to be friends and keep in touch with each other.

Now I see how foolish I’ve been.

It was just sitting there in front of me the whole time: you were using me – ARE using me. You just want to profit off me and my friends. With the way you are presenting yourself now it is clear to me that you do not care if I keep up with my friends at all. It almost seems as if you are deliberately trying to make it impossible to keep up with them, in fact.

You say your were doing all of this for me for FREE, so what’s the harm? You tell me. What indeed is the harm of me sharing so much of my private information with you and spending so much time with you? No harm to you, that’s for sure.

Facebook, there is one more change I would like you to make: it is time to add a “dislike” button.

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