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The Good with the Bad.

So here are some things I am REALLY bad at:

  • Shopping at Costco: I think there should be a class on How to Utilize Your Costco Membership. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do when I’m there. I think I need more structure… Even if I see food I want, I have no place to keep it. Is this why people have “garage refrigerators”? It’s just overwhelming. I’ve been eating chicken flautas every day since our last trip because they will go bad if I don’t. I have a salsa container that will last until my girls go to college. WHAT IS THE SECRET??
  • Keeping in touch with old friends: Because I have moved A LOT in my life, I have friends all over the western hemisphere (and probably a few in the eastern, too). Some of these people are very dear to me and have a special place in my heart, yet I haven’t had much (if any) communication with them in ages. I just can’t keep up. It should be easier with email instead of snail mail but it’s not. I am not happy about this but I don’t know how to make it right. I suck.
  • Remembering anything: I used to be good at this. And then I had children.

These are things I’m pretty good at:

  • Listening: That’s right, I think I’m a good listener. I dare you to challenge me – I will hear every word you say.
  • Remembering random specific information: I understand this may seem like a contradiction as I have stated earlier in this post that I can’t remember anything. But this is more of a problem than it is a point of pride: random specific information will not leave my brain. For example: my 3rd grade best friend’s birthday? March 25th. I haven’t seen her since 1984. Yes, now we are Facebook friends, but I knew her birthday before that. My street address from 1980-1983? 4811F Arthur Place. Why? WHY??
  • Saying I’ll do something even though I have no idea if I can actually accomplish said task: This one’s kind of a problem, too. Especially when I forget that I said I’d do it. Great example: I just remembered I told my daughter’s teacher I’d be the room mom. Crap.
  • Making lemonade out of lemons: No, really. Where we used to live we had a lemon tree and I made lemonade with the lemons. It was pretty good.
  • Putting things together without the instructions: Instructions insmucktions. I don’t need no stinking instructions.
  • Losing things: See “Remembering anything” above.

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  1. I could go for a homemade lemonade right about now. Thanks for commenting on my post over at Momformation. I’m with you on the little kids with computers thing. My five year old can’t turn on the computer either.

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