Faking it.

So I just read this article about people calling in sick to work when they aren’t really sick. And it made me think how unfair this is.

This point is probably the strongest argument for the case that it is harder to be a stay at home mom than a working outside the home mom. Because conceivably a mom who works outside the home could take her child to whatever daycare solution she normally uses, and then call in sick to work, therefore having the day to herself… I’m not saying everybody does this, I’m just saying it’s an option.

I don’t ever get to call in sick. Ever. Even if I am sick. Migraine, cold, doesn’t matter. We don’t live near our families so there is no other option. Mommy is ON all the time. My husband is helpful, but he has a job and we kind of need him to keep it.

I adore my children. I consider being their mom the greatest privilege of my life. But. BUT…

I daydream about having a completely free day with no obligations to anyone at all but me. Get a pedicure? Sure, why not! Stop by Starbucks? Absolutely! Go window shopping (or for real shopping) at the mall? Why the heck not! Have a light lunch while I read the day’s news on my phone… Come home… Start reading a book… Have some ice cream (and not share it)… My prerogative. Hmmm…

OK. Honestly just writing that made me sick to my stomach a little. So maybe I am not ready for that much “me” time. But. BUT…

One day.

Just not today. I wouldn’t trade my job for all the day care solutions on earth.

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