Bras are stupid.

Yes, this is probably TMI, but I ordered new bras today. After nursing my second child, the old ones don’t fit anymore (if you breastfed your babies, you know what I mean). So here’s the thing: Bras are stupid.

Yes, bras are stupid. Who decided women are supposed to wear bras? I understand that in some circumstances the support is greatly appreciated, but what about the rest of us? Who made these stupid rules anyway? Why is it a thing if I don’t want to wear one? Is it a thing or am I just assuming it’s a thing? I DON’T EVEN KNOW! Grrrr….

Bras are so stupid. Bras models are stupider. Stupid bra models.

You know what? I don’t even care. It’s none of your business if I wear a bra or not. Quit judging me!

**Breathing in**
**Breathing out**
**Breathing in**
**Breathing out**

OK. Now – what?

Oh, yeah. New bras. I hope they get here soon.


  1. my wife is a dork :)

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