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What am I doing?

Very often I wonder how my lack of knowing what I’m doing will affect my children.

I grew up very differently than my girls will. By the time I was five, we had moved several times and I was living in my third state (hush, now – my oldest has only moved twice and has only lived in two states). I didn’t take a trip by airplane until I was 15 – my five year old has been on a plane more times than I can count. Several of her trips have been outside of the US – my first trip outside the US was after college. If either of my girls needed anything at all, suffice it to say we could take care of it. I’m not sure the same could have been said for me when I was growing up.

My girls are growing up with parents who have college degrees, in a nice neighborhood that is a suburb of a major metropolitan area. My parents are divorced, and I grew up in a rural town nearly two hours from a city, where a college degree was not required for most of the jobs to be had in the area.

These days, I can be at Wal-Mart, Target, or any fast food restaurant within 5 or 10 minutes. Growing up, the nearest Wal-Mart or McDonald’s was 30 – 40 minutes away (there wasn’t a Target anywhere close – tragic, I know).

We have over 300 channels on our cable (and there is never anything to watch). Growing up, we had three channels – sometimes four depending on the weather.

The elementary school here has over 800 students, just in grades K- 4. The school I graduated from had less than 500 students, K-12.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that we are raising our girls in a bilingual household.

I am VERY unfamiliar with the world my girls are growing up in.

But this morning while I was driving her to school, my five year old says, “Mommy, I’ve changed my mind about being a paleontologist. I just want to be a mommy and I don’t want to be away from the people I love. I just want to be with you.”

So I guess we’re doing something right. (But I hope she changes her mind about paleontology.)