mommy needs a vacation, My Little Pony

It’s possible I need to get out more.

So now that I am not nursing the baby anymore (sniff sniff), I get the honor of putting the five year old to bed at night. It is nice to spend that time with her after having had so much of my time otherwise spoken for over the last year or so. Our bedtime routine includes reading a story of her choosing, so naturally we go through periods of time where we read the same story every night.

Lately she has been on a “My Little Pony” kick (which I have encouraged, because it’s NOT princesses, but that’s another post), so when I saw a “My Little Pony” story book when she and I were at Target, I bought it. She can read now, so I thought this would be a great alternative to her watching the show all the time.

Well, at some point she decided she wanted it to be her bedtime story and at some point she decided I needed to make voices for each of the ponies. (Previously I had been giving everyone a different voice when I read “Thank You, Amelia Bedelia” to her.) OK, well so many ponies talk in the book that it’s actually really hard to do! The first time we read it together I was just kind of trying to remember each pony from the show and give them a voice kind of like on the show, just so I could keep them straight. I didn’t want to half-ass it, or give two ponies the same voice. (I take pride in my work.) She watches the show at least every other day, so I am vaguely familiar with the characters. I don’t actually watch it with her, but I am usually in the kitchen or following the baby around or somewhere where I can hear what’s going on.

Well, she liked it. A LOT. So we are reading it every night now. But NOW… Now I find myself seeking her approval on how accurate my voices are! I’m stopping to watch the show a little more carefully so I can get an idea of what each character is like. Every time we read it, I try to do the voices a little better.


It’s possible I need to get out more.