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Go the *bleep* to sleep

So my smaller child won’t nap. And she should – she’s only 15 months old. I have no idea what the actual problem is (unless “chronic nap aversion” in itself can be a problem) but it doesn’t help that she’s teething. I’m pretty sure every tooth that isn’t in yet is trying to come out right now. So that’s awesome. But she has never really been a good napper. We’ve had a few good runs where she’ll take some kind of nap every day for a week or two, but then it all goes to crap. So this leads me to reading a lot about parenting and child development, which I find very interesting anyway as at one point in my life I was an “Early Childhood Educator”. Which I kind of still am, I guess.

Anyhoo, before I ramble more, I must mention this great article I read today about what NOT to say to your children. I always feel like I’m spouting psychobabble when I mention these things to anyone, but you know, that’s kind of how I am. My older child’s preschool teacher had shared a great article regarding the use of the phrase “Good Job” (and how you shouldn’t use it) and I wish I had a link to it now because it was similarly great. But none of this really has anything to do with naps (or lack thereof). BUT due to the lack of naps, I am pretty tired and cranky, and it’s very hard to parent mindfully when you are tired and cranky. And those moments when you are not at your best – where it’s the end of the day and its all been just too much and too noisy and you are apt to snap – are some of what the article refers to. It also highlights how the things we say to our children with the best intentions can actually have a negative effect. It’s a good read.

I don’t believe in hitting or yelling at my children. I feel there are many other much more effective alternatives to discipline. I don’t curse at them or use curse words around them. But on days like this – when the baby had a crap nap and takes two hours to fall asleep tonight – all I can think about is this: