beauty pageants, milkshakes, pregnancy

Don’t touch my milkshake.

Clearly in politics these days you have to be an extremist to be accepted, but is this becoming a trend in all aspects of society? I read an article today on about “Mommy-rexia” – a supposed trend of mothers-to-be not gaining enough weight ON PURPOSE because they want their post-baby bodies to be like their pre-baby bodies, or something. WHAT? So now even pregnant women can’t be fat??? Let’s hope being short doesn’t become a trend or people will be chopping their legs off at the knees.

But really, what every happened to moderation? Is the only choice when pregnant to be either hugely fat or dangerously skinny? How about making healthy choices and gaining the recommended 25-35 lbs.? OR giving in and having a freaking milkshake every once in a while (OK – everyday) to make up for growing a human in your very own body?! EVEN by doing that (I should know) you’ll probably be in the range of OK.

Who is trying to take shameless eating from pregnant women anyway? Is it MEN? I mean we grow their babies for them anyway, but are they really pressuring us to not be pregnant AND fat? You know what I think it is? Women. Women do this crazy stuff to themselves because we. are. crazy. I do not deny this fact. But I do not understand it either. I so want there to be a lovely sisterhood among all women, especially mommies to be and existing mommies. But somewhere in our crazy heads there is this expectation to look like so and so or whatever. And it’s not because we are stupid. Or even superficial. (OK – of course there are people who are both stupid and superficial, but I am speaking in general terms here.) It’s because at some point in our lives as women we want to be the best, the prettiest, the smartest, the winner.

So clearly what I’m saying here is beauty pageants are to blame for all the ills in our society.

I’m going to go have a damn milkshake.