Combining Separates with Interest


Yesterday as I was leaving Target, I saw a woman running towards the store. Two things were striking about this image: 1) she was running while wearing pumps and dress pants; 2) she was not wearing a coat or scarf or anything other than her plain v-neck, long-sleeve tee, dress pants, and pumps and it […]

Why I Watch the Oscars Anyway


I believe we all have stories to tell and it’s important to share them. This is probably why I love books and movies and why I majored in theatre. So despite not seeing any of the nominated movies, I watched the Oscars last night. Now I’m not big on the whole “celebrity culture” thing, but I […]

that one piece of paper

I mean, honestly, I would never claim to be organized. You will not ever hear me bragging about my organizational “system” or see me write about Ways You Can Organize Your Life Better. I’m sorry. That’s just not me. Sure, back in the time Before Children (B.C.) I knew where things were. I could be relied […]

Lipstick and Earrings


I’m going to share a little secret with you: some days I don’t want to get out of bed. The alarm goes off and I just want to pull the covers over my head and not start the mom-hustle that is my day. So maybe that’s not really a secret given I’ve already written about […]

Make it Easy – Mom Style on the Go

Easy mom style from J.Jill #momfashion

I love two things about clothes that are often at odds with each other: feeling comfortable and looking pulled together. So when I find clothes in which I can be both comfortable and look pulled together, I feel compelled to share. J.Jill shared with me their new collection dubbed “The New Easy” and I found some winners. […]