A Path to Find Your Voice


In my twenties I discovered yoga makes my life better. Yoga practice calms me, gives me the space I need in my mind, helps me connect my brain and my body to each other. With ignorance I stumbled into a home practice, later finding classes and books and teachers to guide me bit by bit. Though […]



I am tired more often than I’m not. I wonder if I will ever not be tired. I hear that it gets better, easier. I see that it doesn’t. I want to be wrong about that.   I am trying to figure out where I fit in. I pretend that I already know. I feel I may never find my answer. I touch the […]

On Mondays


I should go to spin class or clean out my closet or do something constructive with my 5 year-old and enjoy the time we have together now before she starts kindergarten in the fall. But it’s Monday. And on Mondays I breathe. On Mondays I catch the breath that I had no room for this […]

Mama’s Got a New Bag


I bought my first pair of TOMS shoes as soon as I read about their commitment to One for One. This was in 2008, before they became a style statement. I was on board immediately when I read about children who could not go to school because they did not have shoes and about children […]

Will It Ever Stop?


Yo. I don’t know. (I should tell you that the song “Ice, Ice Baby” was nominated for a Grammy. In 1991. A fact that is both educational and sobering.) I’m not rocking a mic like a vandal but I am mothering to the extreme. I am parenting in a world with which I am unfamiliar. […]