I Don’t Need to Be Right


The thing about the internet and the 24-hour news channels is we get to witness non-stop conflict. Everyone is always fighting about something. And usually no one is right. But they keep fighting anyway. I’m fairly boring in those situations once I share my view; I will speak my piece and then listen and consider […]

My Car


Much is happening in the world today, but my day was all about appointments and mom-related responsibilities. Of my tasks for the day, none could have been done without having a car to get us from here to there. Today I am thankful for my car. My car is not actually a car but an […]

A Break in the Routine


Today my 3rd grader did not have school, so I didn’t take my preschooler to school, either. It was kind of like a Saturday on a Monday, only with fewer obligations. Today I am thankful for this break in the routine. I made blueberry muffins this morning. From a box, obviously, but it was still […]



This is day 23 of my #30DaysofThanks series. It feels like a good day to be thankful for friends. I haven’t always had friends. Moving often made that difficult. And then, of course, when you are a kid and you move somewhere new and everybody is already friends it’s awkward. Actually it’s pretty awkward as […]

Surviving My Twenties


I took the girls to a birthday party today at one of those places with blow-up things for jumping on and sliding down. Every time we go to one of those places I am reminded of the fact that I used to work at one of those places. Man. I’m glad I don’t have to […]