Notice anything different?


I sure hope you do! My blog got a make over. You like? Please forgive me as I learn how to use WordPress. I may be tinkering with things for a little while… It’s a new toy, you know. In the meantime, did you read the post I linked to Momastery last week? You can […]

Flirting with Preppy {What I Wore Wednesday}


When I was in fourth grade, the “preppy” look was all the rage. It was 1984 and everyone was wearing polo shirts in pastel colors and some form of penny loafers. Surprise: Everything old is new again! The preppy look is happening again, though darker than it’s 1984 cousin. Pastels are also trending this spring […]

Moment of Surrender – My Messy Beautiful


Napping was never her thing. Even at a few months old, she seemed to prefer crying to sleeping.  She had no apparent health issues. She ate pretty well. Responded to us like she should. My pregnancy had been pretty uneventful. She just wouldn’t nap. Which made me a very tired mama.  I read a lot […]

Seattle’s Best Coffee {Giveaway}


I’m sure you will be shocked to learn that I like coffee. (I still don’t have a font for sarcasm.) I mean sure, I need caffeine to function, but I specifically LIKE coffee. I enjoy the taste of a nice, smooth blend and when I brew a pot I have to watch myself so that […]

Living Like I’m Alive {Why I Ran Today}


I used to hate running. Maybe you have also tried it and decided it wasn’t for you. That was me ten years ago. I just got so bored – I couldn’t stick with it. I had no reason to do it. I was still in my twenties. I was pretty active in my job as […]